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F1Krazy's News

Posted by F1Krazy - December 10th, 2011


Oh, and here's a bunch of stuff I'mma shove into MMSC5 whenever I can be bothered.


Posted by F1Krazy - November 14th, 2011

I know you've all been itching to see how MSC5 is getting along. Well, I haven't been working flat-out (sixth form is majorly cutting into my productivity), but this is what I got so far.

Next up is weapons, blood and injured bodies, then accessories, then the final polish (music, new backgrounds and stuff). When you put it like that, there's not much to do. But trust me, the final game will be pretty comprehensive. I'll even have different sets of hands for different characters. Awesome, huh?

MSC5: First official screenshot!

Posted by F1Krazy - October 21st, 2011

I've just received the code from ToastedToastyToast (thanks again, dude ^^), and so Madness Scene Creator 5 is now officially in production!

I can reveal:
*Mirroring, resizing and layering will all be included
*Sanford, Deimos, the Auditor, ATP agents etc. will all be included
*There will be more weapons, more wounds/blown-up bodies, more background items e.g. posters
*There may be mroe backgrounds/scenes (haven't quite decided yet)
*There will be more of everything (need I remind you that there will only be one of Hank/Sanford/etc.)
*Nearer the release date, there will be another competition to have your scene featured in the preloader (similar to with MSC4)

If there's anything else you wanna know, be sure to ask. In the meantime, the waiting starts...NOW!

Posted by F1Krazy - September 25th, 2011

Due to problems at home, it seems ToastedToastyToast isn't gonna be able to finish or upload the MSC Collab. So until further notice, the project is cancelled. Sorry to get your hopes up T_T

However, there is an upside to this. As I said before, ToastedToastyToast was gonna send me the finished version anyway, so I could use the code for MMSC5. Since there won't be a finished version, he'll be sending me the engine instead, so I can use that for MMSC5. This means that as soon as he sends it to me, and as soon as I get some free time from schoolwork and zwiz, I can start work on MMSC5! Yay!

Also, you may remember my planned update for MMSC1/2/3 to fix the reset glitch and some other things. That is still on the table, and will be applied the moment MMSC3 reaches 500k views, or on Madness Day '12, whichever happens first. I'm so good to you guys ^^

Posted by F1Krazy - September 22nd, 2011

Recently things have been insane in my life. I know it's Madness Day, and my MSC Collab with ToastedToastyToast should be released today (I haven't seen it in the Portal listings yet), but I want to talk about some other stuff first.

1) Tonight, Educating Essex (a documentary set at my school) starts on Channel 4 at 9pm. I might be appearing in it, if only in the background. If you live in the UK, please watch it and see if you can spot me.
2) I went for an appointment to sort out two long-standing problems; a twist in my spine, and the source of whatever it is that caused me to go mental a few posts back. I've been referred for both, so they should be sorted out soon.
3) I'm now starting my A-Levels, and God, are they hard work. This means Madness Scene Creator 5 (which I wasn't planning on releasing soon anyway) will be even further delayed, as will all my other projects, as I have to focus on work and stuff. Sorry about that.


EDIT: (24/09/2011) Sorry about the delays. The game will definitely be out tomorrow. After that, ToastedToastyToast will send me the .fla file, so I can use the codes in MSC5. A big, big thank you to him for all his help.

Posted by F1Krazy - August 25th, 2011

My posts are becoming more and more frequent...

Anyway, exam results! I have (I think) 11 GCSEs, a Diploma (worth 7 more GCSEs) and an AS Level. All passes, 4 As and 2 A*s. So I did really well!

EDIT: In other news:

*My headphones (which you'll remember I broke) are now repaired. I've resumed making POM2 songs and may make an album, so that's really helpful to me.
*I am now officially a brony. Yes, you heard me.
*I go back to school on Tuesday. I look forward to making new friends, panicking over homework, being nagged for forgetting to charge my phone etc.
*YouTube F1 Season 3 has started! W00T!
*Not long until Madness Day, and the release of my MSC collab with ToastedToastyToast.

Such fun! ^^

Posted by F1Krazy - August 7th, 2011

Going on holiday today, for two weeks. That means the MSC Collab (and the umpteen other things I have going on at the moment) are on hold for now. Sorry about that.

I'll be back...actually, scratch that. I'm back.

Posted by F1Krazy - July 24th, 2011

Let's get my depressive rant off the front of my user page, eh?

As you know, a little while ago I announced a collab with ToastedToastyToast, in which we would make a scene creator together. This would remove all the coding issues I've been having over the years, as he'd be doing the coding and not me.

Well, with two months to go until Madness Day, we're finally getting things underway. I've compiled an .fla full of stuff to go in the scene creator and I'll be sending it to him shortly. If you guys have any requests for things to include, now's the time to tell me.

EDIT: I'm also beta testing ToastedToastyToast's new game. I dunno what it's called but it involves robots.

EDIT 2: ToastedToastyToast's created a forum for he and his buddies to hang out in. If you wanna sign up and earn some khama here's the link. I've already signed up, so feel free to.

EDIT 3: I've been flicking through the reviews for MSC4. It has a 9.51/10 review score, which is absolutely amazing. The support I have from my fans is incredible; there's a large number of reviews that just say "Make MSC5!". So you know what? After this collab with ToastedToastyToast is out of the way, I reckon I'll start work on MSC5 early. See if I can get it to you guys as a Christmas present ^^

I'll update you guys soon.

Posted by F1Krazy - July 8th, 2011

I'm seriously starting to worry about my mental state. My sister keeps yelling at me about this, that, and the other, about every little thing I do or don't do. I've told her about my mental condition before, but I reckon she just thinks I'm making excuses, that I'm making it up. Everyone in my family seems to think that. But I'm not.

Just now she was going off on one about me not getting a job (this site IS my job, dumb bitch), and about me not clearing away my leftovers after breakfast. So I got pissed and hurled my headphones at the floor and now they're broken. It's like my Game Boy Color all over again.

I'm worried that sooner or later I'm going to lose it completely and do something mental. Or violent. Or both.

I just needed to get this shit off my chest. Thanks to all you guys for sticking by me.

EDIT: Ooh, 10000 medal points! That oughta help cheer me up! ^^

EDIT 2: It's brilliant stuff like this that keeps me sane. Go watch them. They are brilliant.

EDIT 3: Got pissed off with Need For Speed: Underground last night and hurled my controller at the floor. Nearly broke it. Now I'm banned from computer games for the whole weekend (I'm assuming that includes NG, so...bye ^^')

Posted by F1Krazy - June 23rd, 2011

There's so much stuff going on at the moment, I feel I just have to share it with you guys. So here goes...(deep breath)...

Firstly, as you may be aware, today is Sonic the Hedgehog's 20th anniversary. Being the huge Sonic fan that I am, I decided to celebrate by making an AMV...about Sonic's darker side. Well, actually, I made the AMV back in February/March and only submitted it today. Anyway, here it is:

[UPDATE] The prom went on until about midnight, I got home at 1am T.T I've only just woken up and I still feel tired. Still, it was fun: I danced, I drank J2O, I set fire to pretzels then ate them ^^

{UPDATE 2] Summer of Sonic 2011 turned into a real bummer...because we didn't pre-register tickets (we were on holiday at the time), we had to queue up to get in. We got there expecting a small queue...it was MASSIVE! We waited an hour before deciding to call it a day. So thank you, TSS. Thank you for nothing.

Team Shadica has a new member! Which reminds me...check out our website ^^

My upcoming updates for MMSC1/2/3 may include graphical updates, changing the old style of heads/bodies for new ones. I may also change the background image; I drew it four years ago and it's starting to look rather crappy.

I think that's about it.

[UPDATE 3] Moar news! Here's a crazy idea I've been thinking about...MMSC5 on your iPhone/iPad! Think about it...you can take the Madness with you wherever you go, and I actually make money from it! Everybody wins! Sure, I can barely handle ActionScript, let alone whatever form of coding the App Store uses - plus I don't have the tools, and they're probably really expensive - but it's a good idea, right? I even did a mock-up of how it might look, using PowerPoint:

Tonnes of News! [UPDATE: Moar news!]