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I wasn't expecting that ending lmao

I love how faithful this is to the original. It's almost frame-perfect, right down to the characters' gestures and the lack of blood. It would have been so easy to remake it in the style of the newer episodes, with more blood and gore, but instead it retains the playful charm of the original. Great job!

Oh man, this is beautiful. It's weird to think that I've been a fan of EBF since it started, and now it's been ten whole years... time sure flies, doesn't it?

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I was expecting this to be a silly little shitpost of a game, but it's actually surprisingly hard. It took me two goes just to beat the first level and I'm still trying to figure out a strategy to beat the second level. The game just doesn't seem to give you enough money to build up any meaningful defences, and you get overwhelmed without really being able to do anything about it.

I'm still really enjoying it though, so I'm gonna keep trying and hopefully it'll click soon.

BoMToons responds:

Tap existing towers to upgrade them, that seems to be a step a lot of people are missing. Also, there's an "upgrades" menu for perma-upgrades on the world map.

This really catches the spirit of the original. One minor complaint I have is that the thumbnails of the achievements make it kind of obvious which choices are the right ones, but that doesn't make it any less fun to go through and pick all the wrong ones. Good job!

Ahhh, this takes me back. It also reminds me how utterly infuriating the Seeker enemies are. Try to hit them? Missile to the face. Try to hit something else? Missile to the face. Try to land because you're running out of fuel? Nope! Missile to the face. Bloody pain in the arse. I always left them for last when upgrading.

Even all these years later, even in 8-bit form, this game still holds up. In fact, if anything, the authentic Game Boy presentation really complements the game's simplicity. As you said, this really is the exact same game, the exact same experience, just on a Game Boy. When you can distil a game down that much without losing anything, you know you're on to a winner. But we all knew that 13 years ago, right?

Thanks for the trip down memory lane, it's amazing to see all the old creators coming back to give Flash a final send-off.

The-EXP responds:

Haha I had the TEMPTATION to make the seekers less infuriating. But I just couldn't. Buying them last is one of the key strategies you have to learn to beat the game! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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I think I just eargasm'd.

This was pretty good, I liked it. Not sure if it counts as dubstep, maybe more techno or industrial, but it's a good song nonetheless. Good job.

Wait a minute...

I recognise those presets from my sister's old Sony Ericsson! It had this thing on it where you could make music, and this sounds just like it.

Still, it's a good song. I think a 7 is fair enough.

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I think he's getting headphones but without the phones, if you catch my drift...

Dunno what the previous reviewers are on about, it looks to me like you got Katara's skin colour just right (she's not white, she's Inuit, and they actually do have darker skin). Good job!

Theironmountain responds:

I think it was a joke hehe

Gentle and La Brava are unironically the best villains in the entire show

Theironmountain responds:


Till this moment it is.

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