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Oh man, this is beautiful. It's weird to think that I've been a fan of EBF since it started, and now it's been ten whole years... time sure flies, doesn't it?

I... have no idea what I just watched. I must have missed all those "Dedmos" episodes, should probably catch up on those. All I know is, this is phenomenal. It was worth the wait. It honestly didn't even feel like nine minutes, the ending came and I was like, "Wait, that's it? Already? Oh, okay then."

I can't believe how far this series has come.

Why didn't I watch this before?! Possibly one of the best parodies you've ever done. The bit with the guards and the loading screens had me in fucking tears because it's absolutely true (also "HELP I'M CLIPPING THROUGH THE FLOOR!"). If there's one minor gripe, it's that you didn't poke fun at the kissing scene, but who wants to see that, right? Anyway, very well done indeed.

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This is great for just 72 hours' work! The puzzles are tricky but not frustratingly so, the sidequest adds an extra layer of difficulty, the graphics are well-polished, and the sound design is good apart from the constant "boing-boing-boing" as you move. I liked the little touch where the music changes slightly when you die, little bits of polish like that really make a game stand out.

A really good entry! Well done!

+Pretty solid variation on the "match-three" formula, reminds me of "Diamond Mine" from Bejeweled 3 (which is a good thing)
+Good graphics and music
+Hi-score integration encourages repeat play

-Really needs a tutorial screen to explain what the power-ups are, how to clear the white gems (I passed Easy Level 4 by complete accident)
-No points bonus for chains/combos/cascades/whatever you wanna call them
-Needs either more levels, or some kind of game mode in which you play until you lose

Overall, a pretty solid puzzle game, with some decent potential. It just needs a bit more improving, a bit more polish, and then it'll be great. (And yes, it's kind of a Bejeweled rip-off, but there's so damn many of them already so surely one more couldn't hurt? ;P )

turtlesf responds:

A tutorial screen should be added and some more levels. 5 levels a mode may be too short of a game for someone who has played enough. Chains may be difficult to program. Thanks for the great suggestions.
I googled Diamond Mine and agree, I can definitely see the resemblance (I have played Bejeweled 2, liked the art and sound).

Holy shit, this brings back memories... the amount of time I sank into the second and third Momentum Missile Mayhem games... This was a fantastic trip down memory lane, not to mention a very good game. The graphics and sound were as phenomenal as always. Seems as though it might have fewer features than previous games (smaller upgrade tree, less game modes), but what's there is still very much worth playing.

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I think I just eargasm'd.

This was pretty good, I liked it. Not sure if it counts as dubstep, maybe more techno or industrial, but it's a good song nonetheless. Good job.

Wait a minute...

I recognise those presets from my sister's old Sony Ericsson! It had this thing on it where you could make music, and this sounds just like it.

Still, it's a good song. I think a 7 is fair enough.

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There's not enough CrossCode fanart out there.

Reqqles responds:

just doing my part to reqtify that!

Lillys are quick to recognise lewdness

Wow, that's quite the ambitious goal! Good luck!

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