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F1Krazy's News

Posted by F1Krazy - November 5th, 2014

I'm going to stop responding to reviews of my old games. While I do enjoy getting feedback, I'm not actually getting feedback any more. The reviews I get now tend to be either:

  • People telling me about the scenes they made, often with a badly-written RP-style narration
  • Complaining that an older version doesn't have a certain feature and giving it a disproportionately low score as a result
  • Something along the lines of "BEST GAME EVAR 100/10!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

...none of which are helpful to me in any capacity. The second type in particular is just downright annoying and nonsensical, and winds me up every time I see it (why are you bitching about something MMSC2 doesn't have when MMSC5 is a thing? Fucking play MMSC5 instead!)

This is, I think, another reminder that I've outgrown my NG fanbase, if not this website as a whole. When I made the first MMSC I was a borderline-autistic 12-year-old, much like most MMSC players seem to be now. But now I'm almost 20, midway through university, and studying to become a professional developer. I've grown up. My fanbase here hasn't. Did I mention that one time a kid from here found me on Facebook and sent my sister death threats just before a major operation she had to undergo? Yeah, that happened.

I don't like to moan about my fans. I mean, you guys made me. Front page, Daily Top 5, ad revenue cheques: that was all you. I hope you'll continue to support me in the future, whatever I end up doing. But please...grow up.

Posted by F1Krazy - September 22nd, 2014

Completely forgot about that. Which means of course I have nothing for you guys, sorry about that. Hope you enjoy the day, though.

Posted by F1Krazy - September 5th, 2014

That's a new one on me. I mean, I know there are Unity3D projects on here, but I thought they'd been converted into Flash somehow...I dunno, I'm an idiot :P Well, now that I know Unity is acceptable here, I can use that. I have a few Unity projects that I'm working on on the side, though whether they'll actually see completion is doubtful. I dare say I'm better at making games in Unity than Flash, though.

...that being said, I know a lot of people like my Flash scene creators. So guess what? I FINALLY HAVE FLASH ON MY LAPTOP! I'm not committing to making anything with it - yet - but we'll see what happens. Hopefully my university knowledge will transfer over to Flash and I'll be that much better at it. Though admittedly, I am a little out of practice...we'll see.

I'm not saying you can expect anything from me in the immediately future, but...keep an eye out.

Posted by F1Krazy - August 22nd, 2014

You may have noticed that I'm not a yellow hedgehog anymore. Well, tbh, the whole Sonic fancharacter thing has gotten very childish and outdated. So I've rebranded. I now have a nice image of Hanako Ikezawa from Katawa Shoujo as my profile pic, and a picture of Sayaka and Kyouko from Puella Magi Madoka Magica (OTP for life) as my icon thingy. Depending on my mood, I may replace these with more professional icons (such as the Animatron Studios logo).

I will likely expand this to other sites such as deviantART, as I'm considering phasing out my fancharacters completely, but I don't know if you can rename deviantART accounts (my dA, if you're unfamiliar with it, is named ~MysteryTheHedgehog after my main fancharacter). So yeah, it's all change here.

Please note that I still do not have Flash on my laptop, so for the time being I am still officially on hiatus here. However, it does seem as though this site supports Unity games in some way, so maybe there's still a way I can contribute. We'll see.

Posted by F1Krazy - July 29th, 2014

Kinda forgot about this place, huh? My bad. Let me fill you in on what's happened during my first year of university.

  • I've continued to work on my visual novel, Watashi Wa Nemutte Tokei. I've written over 5,500 lines of code, and it's slowly nearing completion. It even has a website (http://wwnt.weebly.com/) and a trailer, which you can view on said website.
  • I've learned a lot of C# in my first year of university, and I've been putting it to good use in both Visual Studio and Unity. My Visual Studio projects include an "Anime Plot Generator" (which you can play here: http://kserver.nu/fun/animeplotgenerator.php), and a text-based adventure game that's not ready yet. As for Unity, you can download my first-year game project here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/j1wqf8faiw2k4kd/Robot_Attack.zip. This is only about 80-100 hours' worth of work, so don't expect Halo.
  • I've started playing a number of new games, including Minetest, Terraria, the Steam version of EBF4, Audiosurf, and an early-access Zelda-esque game called Lenna's Inception (find out more here: http://lennasinception.com/about/).
  • In December I wrote and published the first chapter of a dystopian sci-fi thriller...which I then forgot about. Just like this place. Whoops. Read it here: https://www.fictionpress.com/s/3170639/1/Don-t-Say-a-Word

...and that's everything I can think of. Oh, and...I wonder if all this coding practice will have improved my ActionScript skills. I'll have to FINALLY get Flash on this laptop so I can find out.

Posted by F1Krazy - September 21st, 2013

...well, to an extent. It's still gonna be hard but I've gotten almost everything sorted out now. Got a new laptop as well, with a huge hard drive, helpful for projects! Speaking of which, I don't see any Flash projects on the horizon for a while, sorry about that :(

Also, after my last post I feel I should clarify a couple of things. One, I'm going to Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, not THE actual Cambridge University as a lot of people assumed in the previous post. I'd love to be going to THE Cambridge University but I'm not. Two, I'm studying Computer Games Development, so in future I can make things a bit more complex than Flash scene creators. If I can I may share some of my uni projects with you (or at least bits of them).

Posted by F1Krazy - September 18th, 2013

In a very short time I'll be moving away from home and into my university accommodation in Cambridge. Wish me luck.

Posted by F1Krazy - May 24th, 2013

If you try to add me as a collaborator on a project, and I don't know you nor have I heard of said project, I will automatically deny your request. If you think there's a legit reason for me to be added as a collaborator on your project, come talk to me about it beforehand so you can explain why you think this.

Posted by F1Krazy - April 17th, 2013

Phew...having to work to the bone to finish this damn ICT project. The signs are good as fas as university is concerned, I'm almost certainly going to Anglia Ruskin in September. Awesome :D

As for my other projects, my visual novel is progressing well. I think it's going to turn out pretty good. Which reminds me, if you like visual novels, check out this pretty cool-looking Kickstarter project: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/758714218/dr iftwood-the-visual-novel

Posted by F1Krazy - March 15th, 2013

Today our family's beloved dog, Dipstick, has had to be put down due to illness. Naturally, this is a very upsetting event for me and those around me. I'll most likely be off the site for a few days while I grieve. Don't worry about me; I'll be fine.