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F1Krazy's News

Posted by F1Krazy - May 20th, 2023

​Today marks one year - 365 days - since Prism Indigo was released into the world. To celebrate, I've put together an anniversary update that adds a few quality-of-life features and visual tweaks. And that's not all! Until May 27th, the DX version is now on sale for just $3.65 - a 27% discount. Pick it up on itch.io while you can!

As a final anniversary celebration, I've created a virtual pinball table based on Prism Indigo, which you can download here​. You'll need Future Pinball and the BAM mod to be able to play it - you can get those here​.​

Unless any bugs pop up, I intend for this to be the final update to Prism Indigo, and to resume development on Prism Warriors within the next few days. There should be more updates to come in the following months, so I hope you'll look forward to it.

V1.5 Changelog


  • Difficulty settings have been grouped together into a single “Story Mode” sub-menu
  • Locked or DX-exclusive game modes are now named and shaded out
  • Locked Compendium and Sound Test entries are now shaded out
  • The text displayed during the bad ending now says “BAD END” instead of “GAME OVER”
  • The “Black” UI theme is now fully monochromatic
  • Art improvements for some of the Shades in Stages 4, 5, and especially 6
  • Adjusted text shadow colour

​Bug Fixes

  • Fixed player not being given infinite lives if they got the bad ending in Prism Mode and chose "Retry"
  • Fixed a rendering bug in the legacy effects system


Posted by F1Krazy - May 13th, 2023

Deliver Us From Evil has been patched to v1.02, with a couple of minor changes based on feedback and my own observations. This time, I actually do intend to produce another patch, as there are still things left to fix before the jam ends.


  • You can now turn while on ladders
  • The sound when pushing boxes is shorter and quieter
  • Removed a misplaced background tile on Level 11

Posted by F1Krazy - May 3rd, 2023

Deliver Us From Evil has been patched to v1.01, fixing all the major bugs that have been identified so far. I don't expect to make any further updates, unless more easily-patchable bugs crop up.

v1.01 Changelog

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the player being able to clip out of bounds by pushing a crate into a wall
  • Fixed the player being able to clip out of bounds after pushing a crate
  • Fixed the player being unable to climb back down a latter when they reach the very top


Posted by F1Krazy - May 1st, 2023

I was just about able to squeeze in a Ludum Dare 53 game this time around, and it's finally ready to play!

Deliver Us From Evil is a retro platformer with action and puzzle elements, featuring 15 levels, a host of challenging mechanics, and a whole lot of divine justice to deliver. Can you succeed in bringing salvation to the captured villagers, and damnation upon their monstrous captors? Find out now here on Newgrounds, and then rate it on the Ludum Dare website if you can!


I'll be back in about three weeks with the Prism Indigo anniversary update. Busy times!


Posted by F1Krazy - April 24th, 2023

To get back into the swing of development, I've spent the last few weeks working on an upgraded version of my most recent Ludum Dare entry, Fruit Fall. The result is Super Fruit Fall, out now on Newgrounds and itch.io! It adds two extra game modes, a scoring system, and plenty of polish.


I'll probably be skipping this weekend's Ludum Dare, as I have too many prior commitments. I have a big update planned next month for Prism Indigo's first anniversary, and after that, I plan to ease myself back into working on Prism Warriors. The 2023 release date is still possible, but I won't destroy myself in pursuit of it.


Posted by F1Krazy - March 4th, 2023

Over the last few months, a succession of events - the death of my grandfather, my shifting hyperfixations, poor health, and a general lack of ideas - have combined to cause development on Prism Warriors to slow to a crawl. I rarely find the time or motivation to work on it anymore, and when I do, I find I struggle to get anything done. The demo came out nearly six months ago now, and in that time I have completed two boss fights and part of a third. That's barely anything.

As a result, I regret to announce that development on Prism Warriors is being put on hold indefinitely. This isn't an announcement I wanted to make, but the alternative is forcing myself to work on it and burning myself out, which I have no desire to do.

I have other game dev projects floating around and will chip away at some of the smaller ones in the meantime, just to keep the rust away. I remain committed to finishing and releasing Prism Warriors someday and hope to get my motivation back soon enough.

Thank you for your understanding.

Posted by F1Krazy - January 8th, 2023

My first new game of 2023 is my Ludum Dare 52 entry, Fruit Fall. It's a simple yet addictive arcade game where you need to bounce the falling fruit into the correct basket, harvesting the healthy fruit and binning the rotten fruit. Check it out here, then head on over to the Ludum Dare website to rate it!


Work on Prism Warriors stalled towards the end of last year due to various personal problems, but I'll be continuing once the Ludum Dare cycle is over. I hope you'll look forward to it.


Posted by F1Krazy - October 19th, 2022

After receiving some excellent, detailed feedback on itch.io a few days ago, I was spurred on to release another update to address it. Most of the changes are quite minor, but the reason this is marked as a major update is because it adds a big new feature: gamepad support! I've added controls for PlayStation and Xbox controllers to the game description: I can't guarantee compatibility, or verify mappings, for other types of controller.

I intend to take a short break for programming now, to avoid burning myself out, and then resume work on Prism Warriors early next month. Lots to do!

Full update notes below.

V1.4 Update Notes


  • -Gamepad support


  • -Improved out-of-bounds detection for bullets and cores
  • -Prism Violet’s first pattern is slightly easier
  • -The fake bullets in Prism Violet’s second pattern can no longer be at the edge
  • -The Compendium completion achievement now genuinely requires 100% completion, rather than accounting for the unlock bug that existed in versions prior to V1.3.6

Bug Fixes

  • -Fixed the game over screen accepting inputs before the options have appeared
  • -Fixed the Life Burst window being far longer than it should have been when on your last life
  • -Fixed Life Bursts being referred to as “Death Bursts”
  • -Fixed stages being referred to as “levels”
  • -Fixed Prism Indigo’s Compendium entry not listing her name (free version only)

Posted by F1Krazy - October 10th, 2022

Another one!

15 Minutes to Live was originally created in April 2019 for Ludum Dare 44, where it placed 21st overall and 3rd in the Theme category, making it my most successful Ludum Dare entry to date. TIC-80 lacked an HTML exporter at the time, so I couldn't upload it here back then, and since then I've wanted to upgrade and improve it before sharing it with you all.

Today is 10/10, so to celebrate my 10th Ludum Dare, it's finally time to share that updated version with you all. 15 Minutes to Live DX is here!


Play 15 Minutes to Live DX here. If you're curious as to what's changed, check itch.io for a full list of updates compared to the original LD44 version.

While I'm here, I'd also like to note that Long Shot has received two updates since I uploaded it a week ago. The first added a range of new wave types and difficulty adjustments, while the second fixed an issue that would cause the game's performance to tank if you survived long enough. If you haven't played my LD51 entry yet, check it out here!

Posted by F1Krazy - October 3rd, 2022

Another game so soon after the Prism Indigo demo? Yep!


Long Shot is my entry for Ludum Dare 51, created in 72 hours. It's a bullet hell game (that seems to be my thing now) where your ship has a powerful weapon but can only fire once every 10 seconds. Fight your way through an endless gauntlet of randomized enemy waves, dodging bullets and shooting back when you can, and aim for the highest score possible.

Check it out here, and then go here to rate it.

I'll have another game for you this time next week...