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F1Krazy's News

Posted by F1Krazy - March 3rd, 2012

I just...wow. Just...play this game. Honestly, it's just amazing. It's the reason I haven't gotten around to those MSC5 updates yet, I've been unable to do anything else because it's all I can think about.

Which reminds me...when you're able to wrench yourselves away from Katawa Shoujo, go play MSC5 some more, and vote 5. It needs it :'(

Posted by F1Krazy - February 27th, 2012

Eeyup! Go play it and rate 5 and stuff.

EDIT: Daily 4th, eh? I was hoping for better, I guess I just submitted this at a bad time. Ah well. It's still my first Daily Award, so I'll roll with it.

As I said in the comments there, this'll be my last scene creator for a while now. I have a lot of other stuff to deal with (I'll elaborate in a later post), and this is just another thing on my mind. Besides, there's not much else I can add now that's within my abilities. So I'm taking a break from Flash for a while, at least a year, while I get this shit together. Keep giving me suggestions for improvements, I will be noting them all down and I'll address them when (and only when) I get to MSC6.

I'll still be on NG of course, responding to comments and reviews and stuff. I like you guys. You got me this far. I'm not turning back at this point.

Anyway, go play MMSC5, give it a good rating, leave a review (I like reading them), and send me your screenshots! And above all...ENJOY! ^^

ANOTHER EDIT: Okay...I'm already getting a lot of ideas for improvements. The main thing seems to be the lack of save function...yeah. How many other scene creators do you guys see that have a save function? I'm sorry, but I'm pretty sure it's impossible, and certainly it'll be beyond my skill levels. Everything else I can probably do, if haphazardly, but saving is probably beyond my reach for now. Sorry.

Posted by F1Krazy - February 14th, 2012

Since it's Valentine's Day, and this is my 50th news post (yay!), I decided to do something special for you guys. So, here it is: an open beta of MMSC5!!!

EDIT: I should probably tell you guys the controls:
*Hold Left/Right and click an object to rotate it
*Hold Up/Down and click on an object to resize it
*Hold Shift and click on an object to flip it
*Hold Space and click on an object to layer it (this doesn't work yet)

This serves three purposes:
1) You guys get to try out the game and make suggestions for improvements and stuff, and it oughta satisfy you for the time being until the real game comes out.
2) If ToastedToastyToast wishes, I can upload the source file there as well and he can re-program all the stuff that's not working (the mute button, the layering system, etc.)
3) As you remember, for MSC4 I held a competition where the winning scene got to be included in the preloader. I can now hold that competition before MSC5 is released, allowing the completed game to be published with the polished preloader rather than tacking it on later.

This of course leads me on to the contest itself. Make the best scene you can using the MSC5 beta version, screenshot it and send it to me. The best scene will be used in the preloader as with MSC4 (and you will gain credit for this). The deadline for entries is either March 1st, or whenever MSC5 gets released, whichever comes first. Get your entries in!

Happy Valentine's Day Newgrounds!

EDIT(18/02/2012) The latest version of the beta is up and fixes most of the issues you've raised so far. Play it here. NOTE: I will not be updating the beta again. This is it until I release the finished game. Just wanted you to see I am incorporating your feedback.

Posted by F1Krazy - February 2nd, 2012


...yeah, this is why I haven't been working on MMSC5. Blame my sister.

EDIT: (08/02/2012) Holy shit. DAT REDESIGN. I better start working on MMSC5 pronto. I still stand by my belief that it'll be out by March.

Posted by F1Krazy - January 21st, 2012

I know you're all impatient for MMSC5. And I know I haven't exactly been working flat-out to get it finished. But I'm nearly there. Right now I'm in the middle of a major test session, working out the kinks and adding in some more items. Soon I'll fire off a PM to ToastedToastyToast asking about a few things I need help with, and then I can finally get this SOB finished and uploaded. Then we can all rejoice.

Just hang in there a little longer.

EDIT: (24/01/2012) Me and ToastedToastyToast are currently ironing out the problems with the coding and that, at least, should be finished in a few days. Then it's just a question of adding more stuff, playtesting the hell out of the thing, adding a few graphical touches and then BAM, it's done. Fingers crossed.

Hang in there, baby!

Posted by F1Krazy - December 30th, 2011

...are gonna fuck shit up.

See you in 2012.

Sanford and Deimos...

Posted by F1Krazy - December 25th, 2011

Have a screenshot.

EDIT: Fuck, when was the last time I sorted out my Favourites section? Right, I'm gonna do that now as well.

Merry Christmas dudes! ^^

Posted by F1Krazy - December 10th, 2011


Oh, and here's a bunch of stuff I'mma shove into MMSC5 whenever I can be bothered.


Posted by F1Krazy - November 14th, 2011

I know you've all been itching to see how MSC5 is getting along. Well, I haven't been working flat-out (sixth form is majorly cutting into my productivity), but this is what I got so far.

Next up is weapons, blood and injured bodies, then accessories, then the final polish (music, new backgrounds and stuff). When you put it like that, there's not much to do. But trust me, the final game will be pretty comprehensive. I'll even have different sets of hands for different characters. Awesome, huh?

MSC5: First official screenshot!

Posted by F1Krazy - October 21st, 2011

I've just received the code from ToastedToastyToast (thanks again, dude ^^), and so Madness Scene Creator 5 is now officially in production!

I can reveal:
*Mirroring, resizing and layering will all be included
*Sanford, Deimos, the Auditor, ATP agents etc. will all be included
*There will be more weapons, more wounds/blown-up bodies, more background items e.g. posters
*There may be mroe backgrounds/scenes (haven't quite decided yet)
*There will be more of everything (need I remind you that there will only be one of Hank/Sanford/etc.)
*Nearer the release date, there will be another competition to have your scene featured in the preloader (similar to with MSC4)

If there's anything else you wanna know, be sure to ask. In the meantime, the waiting starts...NOW!