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10 Years on Newgrounds!

Posted by F1Krazy - September 25th, 2015

That's right! Today marks ten years to the day since I first signed up for Newgrounds. It's weird to think that I've been a member of this site for pretty much half my life now, and that it's shaped a lot of who I am.

When I first signed up here, I was a naive, borderline-autistic 10-year-old, taking his first steps onto the wider Internet. My idea of "animating" was to draw a bunch of still frames in MS Paint and then string them together. My idea of "constructive criticism" was to hurl insults at anyone who made a game I wasn't any good at, or a cartoon that insulted something I like. I couldn't write a single line of ActionScript and I couldn't draw to save my life (still can't, tbh). My profile picture was a Sonic recolour.

It took me two years to get my first submission on the site: a crude Madness Combat scene creator, inspired by Shomer's iconic 2005 one. I made it using code from a dress-up game tutorial and sprites from a sheet, and didn't expect much from it, but the reception was fantastic. I made two more the following year, and MSC3 ended up becoming the Madness scene creator, getting frontpaged, showcased in the official Madness collection, and receiving over 850,000 views to date. MSC4 went on to achieve a rating of 4.27/5, which is utterly phenomenal, and higher than such iconic games as Ultimate Flash Sonic and Madness Interactive! Finally, MSC5 got me my first-ever Daily Top 5, in 4th position.

By the time MSC5 was released, in February 2012, I was a far more mature 17-year-old, with a far more intense interest in video game development. I can't deny that Newgrounds has helped play a part in shaping that ambition. I've since taken a hiatus from Flash in order to focus on making larger, more professional games, as well as taking a degree in Computer Gaming Technology, of which I am about to start my final year.

Since this is such a momentous occasion, I feel I should do something to celebrate it. And since Newgrounds now supports Unity games, I'm going to submit a bunch of my WIP Unity games to the Dumping Grounds for your viewing pleasure! Hopefully this will give you an idea of just how far I've come since I first submitted OMG Madness Scene Creator here all those years ago. I will also, at some point over this weekend, try and get round to FINALLY doing that thing that I need to do in order to start receiving ad payments from Newgrounds again (I forget what). Because I'm probably owed well over £100 in ad revenue by this point, and I could really use that money :P

UPDATE: Here's the first game. This is more of a sandbox than an actual game, I just screwed around with a bunch of physics effects. Warning: it can get VERY laggy!