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F1Krazy's News

Posted by F1Krazy - November 5th, 2021


It's been a while...

Posted by F1Krazy - June 22nd, 2021

It seems there are people who still don't realise this, so I just want to make it as clear as possible:

If you try to play one of my scene creators, and all you see is a black screen, click the emulator link in the description and you'll be taken to a version that you can play. You'll be able to see the emulator link because it's the big bold orange text saying "click here".

I'm still getting people moaning about only seeing a black screen and leaving negative review scores when the solution is right there in front of them, and to be perfectly honest, it's getting very annoying.


Posted by F1Krazy - May 6th, 2021

This is an impressive milestone, and not one I ever expected to pass. I think I can credit this to the boom in activity that Friday Night Funkin' has generated: my Madness scene creators have all experienced a massive rise in views and reviews over the past few weeks.

I wish I could say I have something planned to celebrate this milestone, but I don't. So instead, I'll just say: thank you all for your continued support. It's amazing to me that, nearly a decade after I made the last one, people are still playing my scene creators and leaving such nice reviews and ratings. Long may it continue!


Posted by F1Krazy - April 29th, 2021

My Ludum Dare 48 entry, BreakEven, is now live! It had a lot of glitches when I first submitted it, so I help back from posting it here until I'd fixed it up a bit. That's now been done, so give it a go and be sure to rate it on the Ludum Dare website if you're a fellow participant.

This is also my first TIC-80 submission, so I'm interested to see how it does, as I have a few other TIC-80 projects in the pipeline...



Posted by F1Krazy - October 5th, 2020

My Ludum Dare 47 entry. Super Jump Guy, is live! Considering I programmed it in a caravan in the middle of nowhere, it turned out pretty well, I think.


Check it out here, and if you're a fellow Ludum Dare entrant, I'd appreciate a rating!



Posted by F1Krazy - April 20th, 2020

My Ludum Dare 46 entry, Save The Bird!, is now live on Newgrounds! This time around it's a Jam entry, and one I couldn't have done without the help of @alanxoc3 on Twitter, who provided the initial concept, music, and various other bits and pieces.

It's a bit more arcade-y and whimsical than my previous entries, but I was aiming to do something different this time round, and I feel like I've succeeded. Give it a try, and see how long you can keep the bird alive for!




Posted by F1Krazy - February 1st, 2020

As you may know, Adobe is planning to kill off Flash later this year. Newgrounds will live on thanks to the NG Player plugin, but anyway...

There's a project called "Flashpoint", that's taking thousands and thousands of Flash games from across the Internet and preserving them in offline form, so they can be played whenever, wherever, forever. I think it's important that content from bygone eras is preserved, so I wholeheartedly support this project.

Even better: I checked their master list of games preserved so far, and Madness Scene Creator 3 is on there! For something I threw together at the age of 13, using artwork and code I found on the Internet, I'm genuinely astonished at the amount of mileage it's gotten. Twelve years later, it's at over 1 million views here on NG... and now it's being preserved for all eternity.

Check out Flashpoint here, I'm sure there's a ton of other Newgrounds classics being preserved there too. And I've put in an official request for them to preserve Madness Scene Creator 5, too, so keep an eye out for that!



Posted by F1Krazy - October 7th, 2019

I burned myself out a bit making this, but here it is: my Ludum Dare 45 entry! It's a game about trying to make a Ludum Dare 45 entry.

Play it here, and if you're a fellow entrant, rate it on the official LD website!




Posted by F1Krazy - April 29th, 2019

No, not me - it's my Ludum Dare 44 entry!


After a couple of quick fixes, it's now live on the TIC-80 website! Please note that as the TIC-80 exporter doesn't fix the Chrome autoplay issue, I will not be releasing the game on Newgrounds for the foreseeable future.

Play and rate it here!



Posted by F1Krazy - February 14th, 2019

I said I'd try and release it on Valentine's Day, and I have. This is an upgraded version of my Ludum Dare 41 entry, boasting improved graphics and sound effects, multiple difficulty levels, and numerous other fixes and tweaks.

Give it a try!