I'm curious. [UPDATE]

2013-02-02 15:36:43 by F1Krazy

For my current ICT module, we're making a Flash-based educational game for young children, to teach them about road safety. Obviously it'll be completely different from what I've posted before, and will be geared at 5-year-olds, but it'll also teach me a lot of new tricks (including, hopefully, some art skills, an area in which I am seriously lacking). Also, it'll feature my voice. So, would you guys be interested in me uploading the finished product here on NG? Just a thought.

[UPDATE](09/02/2013) Okay. I think what I might do is upload it to my Dumping Grounds first, and then if it gets a good enough reception I'll upload it to the Portal for real. That way I'm not submitting something that's just gonna get ripped to shreds.


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2013-02-02 15:42:51

put it in the dumping grounds
that way it can't be blammed
remeber that RPG idea we had

F1Krazy responds:

Oh yeah, I remember that. I put it all down in a .txt file but I don't remember what happened to it, sadly.


2013-02-02 19:35:44

I'm curious what makes you curious

F1Krazy responds:

I was just curious as to whether anyone would be interested.


2013-02-02 22:54:39

for something is named newgrounds everyting for evebody right?

F1Krazy responds:

I suppose it is.


2013-02-03 06:50:49

It's a great and noble idea but I don't think Newgrounds is the place with the right audience.

F1Krazy responds:

Yeah, that's what I was thinking. I just wanted to see if anyone was interested in seeing it, that's all.


2013-02-03 19:43:47

also i learned somthing about the UK
in the 20th century they sucked at making tanks
they used them as horses and cars and shit in battle
O_0 they have a tank that cannot take any damage since its armor is too thin thats a paradox

F1Krazy responds:

Yeah, I think we've gotten a bit better at it since then.


2013-02-06 21:39:22

the uk is awesome though i would move there if i could since they have some awesome stuff


2013-02-08 22:03:18

Hell Krazy, its your account. Do whatever. Personally, I would like to see it.

F1Krazy responds: